Product News

News and updates about Orchid Systems product releases. Detailed description can be found within the application, in the F1 help and in Setup-Options-Updates Tab.

Product News

New feature in Document Management Link (v2018 and above)
10 Nov 2020

Document Management Link now includes the ability to include {orgid} and date documents are attached ({yyyy}, {mm}, {dd} in the network folder path.

Refer to the Online documentation and F1 help for more details

Example: Using {ORGID}

Extender PU8 is now available for versions 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021
29 Oct 2020

It includes speed improvements for finders and changes to workflow users licencing. 

v2021 release - All Orchid modules are now available.
28 Oct 2020

Release of Sage 300 2021 (v6.8)

All Orchid modules compatible with v2021 are now available. 

A reminder that prior version modules are not compatible with System Manager v2021. for example, you need to run EFT Processing v2021 with Sage 300 v2021 System Manager. 

New Inter-Entity Transactions product update
11 Sep 2020

Inter-Entity Product Update released September 10th, 2020. includes improvements to the G/L Triggers process.

  • Wildcard functionality extended. 
  • GL Entity Subsitutions now preserves the GL Description.
  • If you configure Inter-Entity Trade to Show Message, the message now displays a message when using Create PO from OE, as well as the standard screens. 

Applies to the following product updates

Bin Tracking update fixes an issue relating to using I/C Item Number change with Serial and/or Lot Numbers
26 Aug 2020

We've released a fix in August 2020 to the following issue relating to using IC Item number change with Bin Tracking, Serial Numbers and/or Lot numbers.

If you use IC Item Number Change please make sure you are using the latest Product Update for Bin Tracking. 

Online Help released for Extender and Process Scheduler modules
17 Aug 2020
We have published online documentation for Extender, Remote Action, DimoMaint Connector and Process Scheduler. The online help includes the F1 help available from the Sage 300 screens, as well as links to training material and getting started guides.  Online help for other modules will be released progressively by October 2020. 
Extender sample modules and related video
17 Aug 2020

We've just made 3 new Extender Sample Modules available to partners in our resources area.

EFT Processing - new product update (August 2020)
17 Aug 2020

Refer to EFT Options > Updates Tab for details on the changes. 

You can now save the Payroll Pay slips in the folder configured on the Default Advice Tab in EFT Options - password protected if required - irrespective of the configured Email Server you are using (EFT's or Sage's). 

Remote Action Service launched to progress Extender Workflow
1 Jul 2020

Remote Action allows Workflow Users to progress Extender Workflows from any internet-connected device, without needing to be logged in to Sage 300. For details, refer to the Remote Action products page. 

Extender module with sample workflow actions available in the partner download area. 

Requires a separate subscription to the Remote Action Service. 

Extender sample module for EFT Processing and Extender users
29 Jun 2020

Extender module to add EFT Buttons to AR and AP screens - Refer to Resources/scripts and knowledgeable for details

Inter-Entity update released June 2020 - New features in Cash Management
25 Jun 2020

Cash Management now handles reversals and bank entry number available as a field to map.