These Orchid products help you create, locate, update, analyse and share information in intuitive, powerful ways that can be easily integrated into your everyday use of Sage 300.

The starting point for a collaborative working environment isn’t software, it’s culture. You need a willingness to share ideas and information, and leaders committed to breaking down or avoiding self-serving information silos.

Only once that foundation has been laid is it time to start thinking about tools to support collaborative working. This becomes more critical as your business grows, spreads across multiple sites, and embraces mobile working. But where to start? Introducing complex and unfamiliar applications is a recipe for failure.

To truly add value, tools need to be not just useful, but actually used. Orchid products overcome this barrier by seamlessly extending your existing, familiar Sage 300 environment.

Orchid's core Collaboration products

While every Orchid product can contribute to a more collaborative office in one way or another, collaboration is the core purpose of these:

  • Notes: Context-sensitive information, linked to specific screens or field values, presented where and when it is needed. Flexible enough to include images and hyperlinks, and all stored and managed within Sage 300. Say goodbye to monitors plastered with personal reminders, or thumbing through operations manuals.
  • Document Management Link (DML): Relevant documents where and when you need them, linked to just about any Sage 300 field or screen. Increase collaboration while reducing your reliance on paper-based documentation.

    You can extend your collaboration into the cloud by configuring DML to point to a network folder that in turn has been mapped to a cloud-based file sharing service (e.g. DropboxGoogle Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive). Alternatively, configure DML to store documents in SharePoint.
  • Email SmartLink: Need to draw a colleague's attention to something? Just click an icon to initiate an email from within Sage 300, paste in a hyperlink to the active Sage 300 record, and have the recipient drill directly through to it.


Extender: where Collaboration meets Customization

  • Orchid Extender is so versatile that it's often referred to as "the Swiss Army Knife of Sage 300 add-ons". Amongst many other things, it can turn Notes into Extended Notes, applying bespoke scripted logic to display content conditionally, or generate variable note content on the fly.

Our ‘Collaboration in Action’ video (see below) features multiple examples of Extender, as well as other Orchid products, being used to aid collaboration.

Affordable Business Intelligence

Why make do with static, two-dimensional extracts and reports when analysing business data, or spreadsheets when producing budgets and forecasts?

  • Info-Explorer is a versatile, intuitive tool providing affordable Business Intelligence (BI), with features normally only available to very large companies.

Gain in-depth insight into your true business performance, using current data. Explore many views from within a single cube, rather than relying on multiple reports. Change dimensions (e.g. product, customer, region, period, employee) for clearer insight, and identify trends or exceptions. Drill through to data entry screens for full detail, or keep it high level. Modify data and write it back to Sage 300 (or other databases).

Sample Cubes

Sample Info-Explorer cubes are provided, allowing you to get up and running quickly. They can also be used as a base for creating your own cubes.

Try Before you Buy

The "Lite" edition of Info-Explorer, available for free, lets you use pre-defined cubes to analyse your own data, as well as customizing cubes, graphs and dashboards.

Budgeting & Forecasting with Info-Explorer & Optional Tables

Info-Explorer's ability to manipulate data, apply top-down adjustments, then write-back to your database makes it ideal for budgeting. Optional Tables lets you create custom, multi-dimensional data structures within the Sage 300 database, and maintain them using Microsoft Excel. See our Budgeting & Forecasting solution page to find out more about how they can work together.

Watch our 'Collaboration in Action' video

Steve, Anne and Nathalie showed we practice what we preach when they worked together to create and present our ‘Collaboration in Action’ webinar. Click the image above to watch the video of this demonstration

The video shows off our core collaboration products described above, plus examples of how Extender can be used to provide integration from Sage 300 into external applications, including some well-known cloud-based collaboration tools. E.g. let a Sage 300 event trigger the distribution of notifications and documents by email, or the posting of messages to SMS, Twitter or Microsoft Teams