Business Process Automation (Customer Management) - Webinar

Tailoring, Automation & Integration

In this recording of our January 2021 Webinar, we demonstrate how Orchid modules can be used to automate business processes around customer management, leading to improved productivity, service delivery, and transparency.

00:00 Introduction
03:56 Scenario 1 Preview (Order Processing)
05:25 Credit Limit approval using Remote Action Service
07:40 Order Entry - low margin approval workflow
08:57 Drag and drop emails into DML
09:21 Create, file and email Order Confirmation PDF
09:47 Order approval using Workflow Anywhere app
11:21 Using Notes, DML and Email SmartLink
12:25 Scenario 1 Review
13:32 Scenario 2 Preview (Returns Processing)
15:06 Start returns process using RMA, Notes, DML
17:52 RMA Approval featuring Extender Workflow
18:25 RMA Analysis using Info-Explorer cube
22:57 Scenario 2 Review
24:40 Scenario 3 Preview (Refund Processing)
27:12 Setup & Approve EFT Processing details
29:30 Create, Approve and process EFT Refund Batch
31:42 Scenario 3 Review & Wrap-up
38:20 Process Scheduler setup
41:30 Extender Workflow for RMA discussion