EFT Processing new features and version 2022 update

19 Oct 2021

EFT Processing, Extender, RMA and Inter-Entity version 2022 are now available. 

In addition to the compatibility release, EFT Processing includes some new features in all supported versions: 

  • New security group to Recreate EFT File. 

  • New option in EFT Banks to configure Clearing Transfer number when using an EFT Clearing bank. 

  • New button on EFT Banks to test SFTP details. 

For details, refer to EFT Release Notes https://help.orchid.systems/sage300addons/Content/EFTProcessing/EL-Whats-New/EFT-Processing-Release-Notes.htm

Note regarding installation: The installer doesn't prompt for Serial Number and Activation Code anymore. License details are entered on the License screen after activating. 

Latest updates are available to download in the Product download area of the Orchid website (for Sage 300 business partner only). 



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