Info-Explorer sample cube updates

22 Oct 2020

The GL Account Summary across 2 databases Info-Explorer cube now includes the Opening balance from GLAFS. This improves the Consolidated Balance Sheet view. To download, Info-Explorer GL Account Summary across 2 databases cube

I/C Stock Aging sample cube now includes a parameter to filter by date. This is particular useful when running the cube on large databases and the ageing doesn't need to run through the full history. Download the I/C Stock Aging cube 

Note: Both sample cubes require Info-Explorer Full or Writeback licences. 



Workflow Anywhere, Mobile App for Extender Workflow Console now available
18 Dec 2020
Freight SmartLink new feature re Dangerous Goods
11 Dec 2020
New feature in Document Management Link (v2018 and above)
10 Nov 2020
Extender PU8 is now available for versions 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021
29 Oct 2020
v2021 release - All Orchid modules are now available.
28 Oct 2020
New Inter-Entity Transactions product update
11 Sep 2020
Bin Tracking update fixes an issue relating to using I/C Item Number change with Serial and/or Lot Numbers
26 Aug 2020