Presents relevant documents where and when you need them
Drag & drop, rename and view, from any Sage 300 screen
Store documents in a network folder, or use with SharePoint

Why use it?

Do your employees need to file, locate and refer to various documents (POs, Invoices, Contracts etc.) when processing transactions in Sage 300 or answering customer queries?

  • Are your aspirations to support staff mobility, remote working or multiple office locations being held back by a reliance on physical documents?
  • Does the prospect of a paperless office, with seamless integration between Sage 300 and your document management or file sharing system, (e.g. SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive), sound appealing?

What is it?

Document Management Link (DML) allows you to link multiple files and documents to Sage 300 (Accpac) fields, and access them directly from your existing Sage 300 screens. It puts documents where you can find them, when you need them:

  • Linked documents can be accessed from any Sage 300 screen or transaction record that references a nominated field.
  • You control how and where documents are displayed, including optional role-based filters.
  • Add new documents by drag & drop from within Sage 300, and have them automatically renamed to conform to your own naming convention.

The result – an economical document management system. Use DML to streamline all processes that require supporting information, while reducing your reliance on paper-based documentation.

Business Scenario Examples

  • A link to an A/P Invoice can be created at the time of A/P Invoice Entry, and will also be visible from the A/P Vendor Activity and A/P Payment Entry screens.
  • A link to a delivery document can be created at the time of O/E Order Entry, and will also be visible from the O/E Shipment Entry and O/E Invoice Entry screens.
  • A link to an A/P Invoice can be created in one Sage 300 company, and will appear automatically from within another Sage 300 company, e.g. when used in conjunction with Orchid Inter-Entity Transactions or Inter-Entity Trade.

Documents typically linked to Sage 300 screens using Document Management Link include: 

  • Purchase Orders; Invoices
  • Product Specifications; Contracts; Tenders; Legal documents
  • Dispatch & Shipping Advices; Bills of Lading & Air Waybills
  • Collection & Delivery documents; Customs, Quarantine and Inspection documents
  • Employee Expense claims

How it Works

Configuration & Customization

Flexible configuration options allow you to nominate where documents are stored, and how and when they are displayed, e.g.:

  • Specify which Sage 300 field labels you wish to link documents to.
  • Nominate the folders where linked documents are to be stored.
  • Optionally specify which screens will trigger the display of linked documents.
  • Optionally configure filters to restrict which files to display.
  • Set up rules for renaming of files when added by drag & drop from Sage 300.

Document storage & sharing options

Linked documents can reside in an accessible network folder, or within Microsoft SharePoint.

  • By nominating a network folder that has been mapped to a cloud-based file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive) you can take advantage of the synchronisation and sharing capabilities those services offer.
  • If you use SharePoint you can benefit from its collaboration and security features, and initiate workflows for document notification and approval.

Viewing documents

When the user opens a Sage 300 screen, if any documents have been linked to field values on that screen an Alert Box opens to reveal them. The user can then open listed documents, or add new ones. You can also email network folder files directly from the DML Alert Box.

Adding documents

New documents can be “dragged and dropped” directly into the DML Alert Box from within Sage 300. This will deposit them into the designated folder, and optionally trigger an automatic rename.

Emails and/or email attachments can be dragged and dropped directly from your Outlook desktop client into the DML Alert Box.

Alternatively, new documents can be saved directly into the nominated storage location from outside Sage 300, making them available for display in the DML Alert Box.

SharePoint Workflows

When used with Microsoft SharePoint, standard workflows can be triggered for approval, multi user approval, or feedback – or you can create custom workflows. Adding a document initiates any workflow that has been set up in SharePoint.

  • Improved customer service - essential documents easily found and accessed
  • Improved productivity – documents are always available, no more searching for them
  • Streamlined operations - with supporting documents linked to the right record
  • Improved multi-site operations - access from Sage 300, no need to distribute hard copies
  • Reduced costs - less storage, copying, printing, consumables and keeping of multiple copies
  • Builds on your existing scanning and document capture systems
  • Link to single documents, or related lists - e.g. a specific invoice, or all invoices for vendor Y
  • Link documents to up to two fields - e.g. vendor and document number - to filter selection
  • Link documents to any Sage 300 field (except check-boxes or drop-down selections), including Grid fields
  • Links can include sub-directories - e.g. to allow access to archived documents
  • Combine with Orchid Notes to show tailored contextual notes alongside document links
  • Orchid Users with DML access can also use Email SmartLink - easily initiate emails containing hyperlinks to Sage 300 records
  • Operates with all Sage 300 modules - as well as 3rd party modules developed in the SDK
Minimum requirements

Document Management Link 2020 requires Sage 300 2020 System Manager.

Orchid User licences are required to access Document Management Link functionality.
(Note: Existing "Document Management Link Users" are automatically converted to Orchid Users.)

Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013 or SharePoint for Office 365 ( is required to take advantage of SharePoint features.


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What do our clients think?

"I love the fact that you can take any screen in Sage 300 and upload a document, be it an image, or an Excel spreadsheet, or a Word document, then manage it from within Sage 300."


"This is way better than having something stuck out on a shared drive, where you can never remember what you called it when the auditors come knocking!"


"As we get more and more documents into the digitized systems we can get rid of a lot of the filing cabinets that are taking up real estate in our office!"


"I REALLY like Document Management Link! It may seem like a minor thing, but it has HUGE benefit within my little world!"


"We will be getting more clients on Orchid's Information Manager, it is really fantastic..." 


“After implementing Orchid’s EFT Processing and Document Management Link for my client, together with Tairox Payment Approval, we were able to quickly provide a solution that supports the social distancing practices and provides COVID-19 relief funds to local businesses. The managers and staff are happy with the simplicity of the process and thrilled at the visibility of supporting documents at every level. Thank you for your products and support!”