Track inventory items accurately across multiple bins
within a Sage 300 Inventory Control location
Streamline picking & put-away – save time and reduce errors

  • At the bin level, define:
    • Individual items (or all) to be kept in the bin
    • Pick order: to optimize picking route
    • Put-away order: to optimize put-away route
    • Whether or not to allow receipts: to reserve bins for picking only
    • An optional "quick entry" shortcut key: to save typing long bin location codes
  • Per item in a bin, configure:
    • Allowed in this bin: to reserve bins for specific items
    • Unit of measure: to reserve bins for bulk stock
    • Re-order quantity: to assist with Bin Replenishment Report
    • Re-order level: to assist with Bin Replenishment Report
    • Maximum quantity
  • Inquiries on bin quantities per item & location.
  • Report on bins to be re-stocked.
  • All warehouse movements tracked by bin transfer document.
  • Per enabled Sage 300 transaction, configure the system to create the Bin Transfer document:
    • Manually
    • Automatically - during posting
  • Ability to define Optional Fields on:
    • Bin records
    • Bin Transfer header records
    • Bin Transfer detail records
  • If the same Optional Field is defined on the Source transaction (e.g. OE Shipment, PO Receipt, IC Assembly, IC Adjustment) and the Bin Transfer, then the Optional Field value will be set on the Bin Transfer accordingly.
  • Sage 300 ERP Transactions enabled for Bin Tracking:
    • O/E Shipment
    • O/E Credit Note
    • O/E Debit Note
    • I/C Receipt
    • I/C Shipment
    • I/C Shipment Return
    • I/C Transfer
    • I/C Adjustment
    • I/C Stocktake
    • I/C Assembly
    • I/C Disassembly
    • I/C Internal Usage
    • P/O Receipt
    • P/O Return
    • RMA O/E Credit Note
    • RMA P/O Return

Per Sage 300 transaction, configure the Bin Transfer document to: 

  • Automatically pop up for completion with the Sage 300 transaction
  • Be created for subsequent data entry

Configurable status for new Bin Transfer Documents (not ready, ready for picking /put-away, in progress, complete).

Flexible Bin Allocation

Per enabled Sage 300 transaction, set the picking/put-away method (choice of pick/put-away location) to:

  • Auto Pick / Put-away and Post
  • Auto Pick / Put-away
  • Manual

Put Away Bin Allocation based on:

  • Last Bin picked from
  • Last Bin Put Away to
  • Bin setup Put Away order

Picking Bin Allocation based on:

  • Most recent Put Away
  • Oldest Put Away
  • Bin Setup Pick order

Integrates with

  • Sage 300: IC, OE, PO, Serialized Inventory & Lot Tracking.
  • Orchid: Return Materials Authorization & Repair Tracking
  • AutoSimply: Barcode Operation
  • AutoSimply: Manufacturing Order (Issuances, Receipts)
  • Technisoft: Service Manager (Invoices, Credits, "Cost Only" transactions)
Minimum requirements

Bin Tracking 2020 requires Sage 300 2020 Inventory Control. Optionally integrates with Sage 300 2020 Order Entry, Purchase Orders; Orchid RMA 2020; AutoSimply Manufacturing Order, Barcode Operation; Technisoft Service Manager. Pop-up option only works in client/server mode.

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