Examples of customisations using Extender

Wed, 01 Mar 2017

Using Orchid's Extender Add-on, Sage 300 solution providers can tailor the implementation to their specific client's requirements in a cost-effective manner. 

Benefits of using Orchid's Extender Add-on include:

  • Enhance the value of existing Sage 300 implementations in a simple, economical way, such as creating new screens without the need for complicated programming.
  • Save time and cost with version-independent scripts accessible in all Sage 300 modules, and 3rd party applications written in the Sage SDK.
  • Provide SDK customization without needing to know all the components of the Sage 300 SDK.

Examples of logic that can be applied using Extender are:

  • Log changes to the Onhold and Reason On Hold fields on Sage 300 Order Entry Screen. 
  • Create a CSV file for the external warehouse showing the shipment address and included products when a OE Shipment record is created.
  • Check who the logged on user is when the AR Credit Limit is changed. If the user doing the change is "Joe", only allow the Credit Limit up to a value of $10,000. But if the user is "Jack", allow the Credit Limit up to a value of $20,000.
  • Respond to changes to a Vendor's name, address, or contact information and execute external applications that synchronize the Vendor's online details.
  • Create a table to store comment templates for items, to be auto-inserted onto Order Item comment or instruction lines when the Item is added to the order.


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