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Orchid Extender powers DIMO Maint's new Sage 300 Connector

Fri, 30 Mar 2018

DIMO Software wanted to provide integration between their leading CMMS solution and Sage 300. They partnered with Orchid Systems, and a new connector was built using Orchid's Extender module. 

DIMO Maint CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is designed to maintain, manage and control assets efficiently and economically. With 3,500 customers worldwide, and over 20 years experience with Maintenance Management software, DIMO Maint is considered a leader in the maintenance solutions market.

DIMO Maint already had connectors for integration with Sage X3 and Sage FRP 1000, and were keen to add a Sage 300 Connector. They were pointed in the direction of Orchid Systems, and were quickly convinced that a solution built using Orchid's Extender product was the way to go.

DIMO Maint have announced availability of the new Sage 300 Connector to their user base.

About the Connector
DIMO Maint Connector Flows

Here is how DIMO Maint describe the role of the connector:

CMMS is used to maximize the performance of assets, while measuring and optimizing their costs of ownership in internal structured procedures. The point of contact between CMMS and financial management occurs when there are purchase and supply problems, and the aim in these situations is to optimize maintenance costs. For example, the need to replace a damaged machine part will create a pick ticket in the CMMS. This means drawing from existing stock or ordering the part to be purchased.

This is when a financial data management solution like Sage 300 takes over, generating the order and paying the bill before contacting the CMMS to update the stock and synchronize the data repositories. By integrating the CMMS process, Sage 300 provides the finance departments with a global overview of cost measures and controls.

At an operational level, an automated connection between the CMMS solution and Sage 300 can maximize an asset's availability and performance by minimizing the processing time related to the maintenance task. At an organizational level, it saves time by reducing administrative overheads, and increases reliability by reducing duplication of data and the risk of input errors.

The well thought out design of Orchid’s DIMO Maint connector, together with detailed training and timely support from Orchid, allowed our integration projects to succeed.


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