The Chronicles of Orca continue with a Case Study on their 2-Step A/P Approvals Workflow

Orca Comic Strip

If you read our recent Orca Approves article, or have attended one of our recent webinars, you'll already be familiar with some of the team at Orca Oz Enterprises, our unreal alter-ego company.

With Orca's help, we've developed the first scenario from that article, dealing with Sequential 2-Step Authorization, into a full Case Study. 

Read the Case Study here to find out how Orca:

  • Enforces compliance with their A/P Approvals business rules.
  • Automates the approval process using a combination of Extender Workflow and Process Scheduler.
  • Allows approval steps to be completed by staff who don't have access to Sage 300, using Orchid's soon-to-be-released Remote Action service.

We also had a bit of fun with this, commissioning our favourite animator, @Jimesey from @pa_stek, to produce a comic strip storyboard to illustrate the case study.

(Tip: to expand the comic strip try right-clicking the image above and selecting 'Open image in new tab', or 'View Image', depending on your browser. Or just use the zoom function on your device.)

Look out for the next instalment in the Chronicles of Orca!


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